Nikon Retinomax Replacement battery, 2.1Ah

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Duracell DR11 battery, 2.1Ah


 Also Fits Nikon Retinomax Auto-Refractor Retinomax I Retinomax II Retinomax II K Plus Replacement.


This battery replaces the Duracell DR11 battery, 2.1Ah. It is guaranteed to meet or exceed the performance of your original part, and it comes with a One Year Replacement Warranty.


Voltage: 6
Capacity: 2.1Ah
Chemistry: NiMH

OEM Manufacturer: Duracell
Product Manufacturer: UPG / Empire Scientific (New York)
Dimensions: 3.55'' long, 1.82'' wide, and 0.75'' tall.
Shipping Time: This item will ship within 24-48 hours. A tracking number will be emailed to you once it ships.
UPC code: 009322159212
Ah Rating: 2100
Chemistry: NiMH
Voltage: 6 volts


We guarantee the performance of this Duracell DR11 replacement battery and all of our other products. The Duracell DR11 replacement battery pictured here will ship to anywhere in the continental USA for $4.99 and averagely takes no more than 4-5 business days depending on your location. The Duracell DR11 replacement battery is brand new, not refurbished.